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Sutra of Albert Einstein has a quote that says “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” The hotel’s impression is oriented around this abstraction.

A man’s sources of energy absorption are mainly based on 7 elements or Chakra. The first to forth Chakra follow the tangible basics include consumption, love, and life success. And the fifth to seventh Chakra are based on enlightenment, truth dialogue with mercifulness, selflessness, and non-judging mindfulness. Easy flow of energy simply affects emotion, thoughts, and commitment that lead to achievement. But on the other hand, a break of energy flow can cause body sickness and mind weakness. And results of that would show in human’s emotions.

Albert Einstein’s quote explains that everything is energy and frequency. The higher the frequency the better it is to human daily living that comprise of the nutrition you consume, the sound you hear, the scent you smell, and the emotion you react.

The five senses of relaxation

are led by the following elements

Outer or external touch

includes decoration of salt-rock lamps, distinctive natural images and furniture that magnet your mindful attention. Ancient Greek ideology of image therapy brings Labyrinth paintings to the guestrooms that create peace of mind and full concentration.

Sound touch

under the music theme of solfeggio frequency or ancient rehabilitating musical notes that harvest healthy results to human bodies deep down to the DNA. The frequency produces awareness and sleeping assistance.

Taste touch

Thyme Leaf Restaurant caters Thai – International healthy cuisine and beverages to please guests to the full appreciation

Aroma touch

Hotel Fuse Rayong offers distinctive fresh aroma that gives sense of extreme relaxation, takes you away from the outer world. The salt-rock aroma delightfully soothes your breathing system

Body touch

this last but most significant touch of all is the body touch where bedsheets, towels, or room equipment are carefully selected to create most impressive skin contact. Well-trained staff are 24-hour ready to provide guests with wholehearted services. So, either direct or indirect touch guests are assured of warm and memorable experiences during the stay at the hotel